Smart Balloons Sent into North Korea

North Korean defectors are sending smart balloons across the border from South Korea. According to a recent article by CNN, a former refugee who goes by the name Choi, assembles electronic units and attaches them to smart balloons which are used to carry parcels of information into North Korea.

Choi tracks the wind and weather conditions and when the time is right, he sends massive smart balloons up, tracking them as they make their way into North Korea.

Missionaries have been sending balloons filled with Biblical teachings into North Korea for years, but one of the challenges that has constantly plagued the Christian community is how to calculate where the balloon will actually land. Great pains are taken to calculate wind speed, direction, the helium in the balloon, and estimated altitude, but these are just guesses, as weather conditions can change in a moment and change the entire trajectory of the balloon.

This is why the BTJ Hackers network has been working on a better solution. They are creating a device that not only tracks the progress of a ‘package’, but can direct the delivery to a specific location.

In 2020, South Korea criminalized sending balloons into North Korea. This makes things more tricky, but not impossible.

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