Christian Fellowship in Closed Muslim Nation Increases by 20% in One Week

During an online meeting last week, BTJ had a discussion with an indigenous worker named Thomas (not his real name), who is working in an extremely dangerous Muslim country that is completely closed to the Gospel.

“We had two new believers come to Christ last week!” Thomas cheered during our discussion. “That brings the total number of our believers to Twelve!”

Twelve believers does not sound like a lot, but in practice, it is a 20% increase for a fellowship of ten believers. 12 believers might sound like a small number to most readers, but imagine what Jesus was able to do with only twelve disciples. Thomas works with another organization in the US that is partnering together with BTJ to start businesses in order to give platforms to missionaries.

Thomas works in one of the most dangerous nations in the world to be a Christian. We are not aware of many Christians in this nation, but BTJ is excited to serve by connecting Chinese supply chains and business experience to help support the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The entire program in this closed country will be supported by GateKeepers. GateKeepers are a group of partners from around the world that enable BTJ missionaries to work in closed countries.

To learn more about being a GateKeeper please click here.

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