The Elections in India Are Over – What Do the Results Mean for Christians?

India, the world’s largest democracy, just finished their elections and one pastor has some thoughts on the outcome. “The results of the most recent election has not given any party a clear majority,” says Pastor Adil (not his real name) on a BTJ conference call yesterday, “and this is a good thing for Christians.”

When asked to clarify, Pastor Adil continued, “[Prime Minister Narendra Modi] declared victory for his alliance in India’s general election, but has no clear majority, which means there is a bit of a [stale mate]. The opposition party performed better than expected and the power is not with any major party. As a result, there is so much internal insecurity that there isn’t time or energy for focusing on Christian activities.”

Pastor Adil added, “There are some challenges. Because the opposition did better than expected, we are experiencing a media blackout. The economy is down, but the news is only reporting inflated numbers. Only tightly controlled information is getting through, but the good news is that there hasn’t been any Christians arrested or harassed since the election season. I have asked all of our churches and no on is reporting any new arrests.”

Pastor Adil sees this as a moment to arrange training, Bible seminars, and send out evangelists into new areas.

2024 is one of the largest election years in history. Europe has just seen their EU elections take place with conservatives and traditional Christian parties making huge gains. The UK is set for their election next month, Indian elections are now over and most of the world will be watching the presidential election debates in the US this week.

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