China’s City, Wenzhou, Has More Christians Than Any Other – How it Happened Will Surprise You!

With the continuing growth of Christianity in China, it seems that it will soon be home to the world’s largest Christian population, but of all the major cities in China, one stands out for having more believers than any other – Wenzhou.

The incredible testimony how the metropolitan city of Wenzhou became synonymous with Christianity in China is due to God using a man with only one leg!

Wenzhou has so many Christians that it is often called “The Jerusalem of China.” Some estimate as many as 15% of the population is Christian, but our studies show that the number is even higher. The number of Christians in Wenzhou is almost six times higher than the national average, and those are just the Christians that are known. There are many Christians in the underground house church movement that are not known and are not included in the official numbers.

How did that happen?

It all goes back to a man by the name of George Stott in the 1800s who God called to preach the Gospel in China. He desperately wanted to attend Cambridge University, but God had other plans. When George lost his leg in a farming accident at the age of 19, it seemed that his life dreams were over, until he met with famed China Inland Mission’s Hudson Taylor.

God called the one-legged Scotsman to the mission field. For most mission societies of the era, it was a preposterous idea to consider an amputee for service on the mission field, but Hudson Taylor was impressed. When Taylor asked George why he should even consider going to China with only one leg, Stott quickly answered, “I do not see those with two legs going, so I must.”

George didn’t see much of an impact from his life-long work in China, but the seeds had been planted with a few local orphan boys and out of those seeds arose an indigenous ministry that exploded into the church that we see in Wenzhou today.

There is only one book that tells the story of how this amazing transformation happened and it was almost lost in the annals of history until now!

The Lame Shall Take the Prey is a book written by George’s wife, Grace, over 100 years ago and it available NOW. Grace saw with her own eyes the transformation that George brought to the nation of China. In this book, she tells the unknown stories that were never whispered in any other setting. Grace stayed in China and continued serving the work that George started, even 20 years after his death and witnessed first-hand the impact that he had and wrote it down to share with the world.

This book shares how missionaries in early China plowed the land through hardship, planted the seeds with tears, and watered the crops with their own blood.

The Lame Shall Take the Prey is available now. Click below for the ebook, or search the book on Amazon for a print copy.

The Lame Shall Take The Prey (eBook)


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