Woman On the Run for Her Life After Becoming a Christian in Yemen

A former Muslim woman from Yemen is on the run for her life after she became a Christian, according to a BTJ missionary.

Arwa (not her real name) was born and raised in a strict Islamic family in Yemen, but as she got older, she felt there was something wrong with the basic teachings of the Quran. The Quran is not in chronological order, it contradicts itself, and it has several incomplete statements, making it confusing.

There was one person in the Quran, however, who was mentioned more than ninety times, making her curious – Jesus.

Then, one day, Arwa was approached by a missionary who told her more about the man Jesus who she was so curious about. The missionary invited her to church and it was there that she met Jesus for the first time and became a Christian.

Now, her family wants her dead.

Arwa fled from her home and is currently in hiding. Arwa’s father has reported her to the government and if they find her, she will be executed for apostasy. “Her brother has been calling her, telling her to come home. He has promised to protect her, but she knows he is lying,” reported one BTJ missionary this week who is together with her. BTJ missionaries are helping Arwa hide from her family and build a sustainable life away from her family.

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