Cannot Rent a Car in USA Right Now? Yep! We Predicted Already in March

I flew into Boston yesterday with my family, with plans to visit relatives for a few days in the Midwest and was surprised when, for the first time, there were zero rental cars available.

This was super strange and has never happened before, so I checked my next destination – Indianapolis – also ZERO RENTAL CARS AVAILABLE.

I panicked and quickly looked around at smaller towns close to Indianapolis like Carmel, Avon, and Fischers. I checked Chicago O’hare and Chicago Midway – all of them – ZERO RENTAL CARS AVAILABLE.

This is happening just as we shared on our BTJ podcast in March of this year. Due to the fact that we as missionaries travel a lot, we assumed right away that there would be a breakdown with the travel infrastructure due to the COVID-19 government responses, and so we shared this in our podcast.

Episode 565: A Very Sad Day For Missions


Our flight today on American Airlines, which was a direct flight, has now been canceled and rerouted for the same reason: pilot shortages. American Airlines has canceled hundreds of flights due to staff shortages.

Airline tickets, car rentals, airport food… the price for all of these items are skyrocketing because they are in such short supply and companies cannot handle the customer demand. The travel industry is not a simple light switch that can be easily turned off and back on again.

What has happened has been extremely taxing on the poorest nations.  Accessibility to the travel industry has just regressed 50+ years.

We share the reasons why – in detail – in this podcast.

Episode 565: A Very Sad Day For Missions

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