BTJ Hackers Invent NEW Audio Bible For Closed Nations

BTJ hackers have invented a new type of clandestine audio Bible that is hidden inside a common device and can be used in the most remote areas of the world.

This audio Bible, NOT pictured above (but in many ways similar), does not have any buttons to push or special indicators to play the audio Bible. In fact, it is designed to look nothing like an audio device at all, but something entirely different. However, if you know the secret method to use its special functions, you can enjoy hours of secretly listening to the Bible in your own language.

“Our team has been working on this since the [BTJ Hacker’s Conference] in Dubai this year,” Jason (not his real name) said yesterday, while sharing how to use the new audio Bible. Jason, who runs his own product design company, has been overseeing the development of this hacker’s project.

One of the hacker’s working with Jason on this project attended the BTJ meeting together with his father and is not even 18 years old. He finished the first clandestine audio Bible sample in his bedroom before rushing off to his senior prom!

BTJ hopes to send thousands of these units to remote areas this year to spread the Gospel message to unreached people groups living in the most closed nations. Please continue to pray for BTJ and the Hacker’s Conference that we host every year.


2 thoughts on “BTJ Hackers Invent NEW Audio Bible For Closed Nations”

  1. Any way to get the Bible to Nations that won’t allow Bibles is great. Reading the Bible is TRUTH. Those who read it know the TRUTH. Many people who read the Bible can relate it to their own life and day and situations and job and family and marriage and through difficult times. I’ve been doing many readings about Abraham Lincoln and the American Revolution and many of the forefathers living here lived by it and quoted many things from the Bible when speaking to others even publicly and all loved the Lord. God was the forming and backbone of this Nation being formed and the writing of the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Indepence. In GOD We Trust. One Nation Under GOD.

  2. Hi. This article inspired me for an idea. There is this thing called bone conduction – our bones can carry mechanical vibrations and that’s exactly what a sound is. In essence – we could have audio bible in such devices that does not emit sound like speakers but relay on bone conduction and conceal them as a hairband for women. For now I don’t have idea for everyday item for men.

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