Franklin Graham Meets With Communist Party Members from China Embassy

Franklin Graham, son of the late world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham, met with a Communist Party delegation from the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, to discuss strengthening relationships with the churches in China.

Samaritan’s Purse leader, Franklin Graham posted on X on Wednesday that he met with a delegation from the Chinese Embassy during their visit to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the Billy Graham Library, and the Samaritan’s Purse in North Carolina this week.

The delegation included the Deputy Chief of Mission and Minister Jing Quan; First Secretary Ms. Xue Chunmei, First Secretary Mr. Li Jianbo, and Third Secretary Mr. Guo Han.

Franklin’s family has strong framily ties to China. His grandparents were missionaries for many years in China and his mother, Ruth Bell Graham, was born and raised in China before going to the United States for university.

BTJ worked very closely with Samaritan’s Purse for several years in the early 2000s, delivering hundreds of thousands of gifts as a part of Operation Christmas Child.

Many ministries, like Samaritan’s Purse, are praying for China and her Christians as they look for a way to help. It is a balancing act that requires constant prayer and wisdom, as China specifically focuses on their new offensive to officially connect with ministries in the west and isolate the underground church believers in a five year plan that BTJ recently reported on.

In a small hotel on the outskirts of the city of Ningbo, Chinese Pastor Amos (not his real name) warned that China would be using western ministries to help get their message out.

Pastor Amos is a part of the local leadership for the government’s Three-Self church and reveals the Chinese CCP’s plans to completely change Christianity.

China’s five year plan to “Chinanize Christianity” is not a secret, but is not fully understood in the west. In his speech at the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China, President Xi Jinping announced his commitment “to the Sinicisation of religion, guiding the adaptation of religion and socialist society to the Chinese context.”

But what did he mean by “Sinicisation” specifically? Pastor Amos is the pastor of an urban underground house church network with about 150,000 members and reveals what “sinization” really means. “China is making changes that are not being reported in the news,” Pastor Amos said, detailing exactly how the Chinese Communist Party plans to infiltrate and change Christianity from within.

Before dismissing the plan as irrelevant to the western church, Christians would do well to know that China plans to use the same multi-pronged approach that has been used to divide the western church with ideological teachings on homosexuality, global warming, abortion, Marxism-inspired social justice, reverse racism, gender affirmation, and even one world religion.

Only a decade ago, these ideologies were largely rejected in most evangelical churches and would be considered absurd to even debate, but in only a short time, not only are they accepted by many mainstream churches, but to refute them can result in expulsion from denominational circles. In some cases, even teaching against these subjects in a Sunday morning service can result in jail!

China has closely monitored the success that these concentrated efforts have had in the western Church and is now deploying a concentrated strategy to do the same.

In a FOUR PART SERIES BTJ reveals China’s plan to change Christianity and how they plan to recruit western Christians for their effort.

Step one has already begun of China’s five year plan. A panel of religious leaders which represent the government church in China were commissioned to find a way to make Christianity more palatable for Communism. It took 16 months and five rounds of discussions with government officials, with many drafts and redrafts, to systematically order the sinicisation of the church.

The launch for a China-sanctioned exhibition called, “Honouring heaven and loving the homeland” was started demonize the efforts of missionaries, glorifies the history of Communism, and put national patriotism before Christ. One such exhibit was placed in Nanjing Union Theological Seminary, where representatives for Franklin Graham’s organization was taken last year.

As a part of the sinicization of Christianity, Nanjing Union Theological Seminary, the Bible school that trains the official religious leaders in China, has been identified as ground zero. Only those who are approved by the government can attend this seminary. The exhibition is divided into four parts representing the ‘Awakening’, ‘Practice,’ ‘Development,’ and a process know as the ‘Deepening of Understanding.’

The CCC (China Christian Council) and TSPM (Three Self Patriotic Movement) are expected to carry the message to ministries around the world and gain their support. This is important to understand – not only does China have a plan to change Christianity in China, but to alter it for the rest of the world.

The desire to “Sinonize Christianity,” really means to Communize or Socialize Christianity.

As a part of this effort, China has launched a new persecution initiative against Christians that starts next month.

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