Alleged Christians Executed by Muslims in Circulated in Graphic Execution Video


Since the Taliban take over in Afghanistan last month, Christians have been on the run and in hiding.  Gruesome executions have been taking place, but due to the lack of transparency, the full picture is not really known.

BTJ has been supporting Christian women inside Afghanistan who are being threatened by the Taliban.  At the writing of this article, they are still in hiding, uncertain of what the future might look like.

A video has been circulating around claiming to be the execution of Christians in Afghanistan.  BTJ RECEIVED AN UPDATE ABOUT THE VIDEO LOCATED AT THE END OF THIS ARTICLE.



Even though this video cannot be confirmed, it has been circulating around on the Internet and is NOT A RECENT VIDEO.

Though the video is not recent, it does however, give a vivid reminder of what happens to citizens when followers of Muhammad come to power. Even if these are not Christians being killed by the Taliban, this is a good reminder of what life looks like under the extremist group. The executions of Christians by the Taliban would undoubtedly look very similar to the one in this video.

IF YOU SEE THIS VIDEO CIRCULATING WITH THE CLAIM THAT IT IS AFGHANI CHRISTIANS – IT IS NOT.  However, that does not mean that it is not an accurate depiction.

Many modern apologists passionately argue that ISIS and the Taliban are extreme forms of Islam, and that is true. ISIS and the Taliban do indeed follow the teachings of the prophet Muhammad to the extreme. Muhammad was a military bandit who raided caravans, sacked cities, raped women, married prepubescent little girls, enslaved children, and ordered mass executions for those that did not convert to Islam. Those who follow Muhammad’s teachings and life to the extreme will find the teachings of ISIS and the Taliban.

A Christian extremist would be someone who follows the teachings of Jesus and His life to the extreme.  In contrast, Jesus taught love, mercy, care for the poor, and gave His life for the world. To follow that to the extreme would provide a much different result. Mother Theresa for instance would be a great example of a Christian extremist.

Please continue to pray for the Christians in Afghanistan.


BTJ received the following message from a fellow journalist regarding this video:

“I recognize the photo/video from Syria when I was writing about it many years ago.”


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  1. Shawn Jones

    What you guys do? Gangstalked an terrorize them like you do me?

  2. Marcel Al Hind

    Islam is ideology founded by profit muhammad. he was nothing more than a 7th century cruelest warlord. but also our government is also guilty, we let people follow Islam but when they become like muhammad we label them terrorists. why not just abolish Islamic ideology s from all societies. dear constitution please check those 215 verses against disbelievers of Muhammad and how Sunnah tells to fight in the cause of Allah if not I’m a hypocrite.


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