North Korea Adopting BTJ Project to Feed Their People

The North Korean government has just completed a project to feed their people and it mirrors a feeding project that BTJ launched twenty years ago.

In March 2024, North Korean government officials used methods and teachings brought in by BTJ missionaries to build a greenhouse farm in the Kangdong area on the outskirts of Pyongyang. BTJ built several greenhouses in North Korea and used them to teach locals how to grow their own food. These greenhouses have shown to be successful and now has the attention of Kim Jong Un, who is now following that model and building even more across the country to address the growing hunger crisis.

Twenty years ago, BTJ began building the first small greenhouses in North Korea. Five years ago, in 2019, the government’s own Jungphyong Greenhouse Farm was inaugurated to supply vegetables to the people in North Hamgyong Province. Three years later, the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm went into operation for the locals in Hamhung City. This year, the Kangdong Combined Greenhouse Farm has now been launched.

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