A Warning Sign for BTJ Missionaries Considering the Chinese Covid-19 Vaccine

For missionaries living in China, there is something that you should know about the Chinese coronavirus vaccine – it might not be as effective as we would all like.

Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi tested positive for COVID-19 after having the first shot of the Chinese vaccine from Sinopharm. He was due to have his second dose when he tested positive for the virus just two days after his first dose.

“Please continue to be careful,” President Arif said.

Coronavirus cases are rising quickly in Pakistan even though they have been rolling out the Chinese vaccine. Both the President and his wife had been injected with the first shot when they both contracted the disease. The Chinese vaccine is not fully effective until the patient has been given both shots, but that will most likely not give people much comfort after hearing this news regarding the Chinese vaccine.

The increase of Covid-19 cases, even after having the vaccine, is a cause of concern for so many Christian missionaries who are living in China and are being urged to take it. The vaccine is not yet a mandatory requirement for foreigners, but Beijing is making many travel benefits available for those who do take it.

Please keep all of the missionaries in China in your prayers as they prayerfully approach this subject.

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