By not vetoing the latest resolution in the UN Security Council, the US Presidential administration has instigated an Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic new wave of tension in the Middle East. The American government is behind this atrocity, which will make many parts of Israel “illegal” and potentially put some of the Christian Holy sites under the control of Hamas!

For 36 years, the USA has stood with Israel in the UN against these types of proposals. For Bible believers, this is a momentous time. Although we know the day is coming when all nations will come against Israel [Zechariah 12:3, 12;9, 14:2] we are exhorted to “work while it is day, for the night comes when no one can work…” [John 9:4] of course this primarily means the preaching of the Gospel with the power of the Holy Spirit, but I submit that we also must love what God loves.

God loves the children of Abraham and has an everlasting covenant with them. It is time to stand up for Israel.


Contributing Author:  Myles Weiss


Myles is a native of NYC, where he attended Hebrew School until his Bar Mitzvah and is ordained with the Evangelical Church Alliance. Together they host the national television program “Zola Levitt Presents,” following the path pioneered by Zola Levitt, a much loved and well-known Messianic Jewish Bible teacher and Middle East commentator. Each week, Myles and Katharine bring viewers Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy, and the Jewish roots of Christianity.

Myles leads Beth Shalom, a Messianic congregation, and carries the Gospel of Jesus wherever he is led, including to Israel and into churches, where he helps connect Jews to their Jewish Messiah and Christians to the Jewishness of their faith.

Myles and Katherine have two sons who are now living in California. (Beit Abba Napa)