Why Have More Than 1,000 Muslims Suddenly Died on Hajj?

More than 1,000 Muslims have died during the annual pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca, known as the Hajj. The deaths are the result of unusual scorching heat that has seen temperatures to more than 52C (125F) in the shade!

Scorching temperatures are suddenly reaching record levels and killing Muslims by the hundreds. The majority of Muslims who died in the last couple of days are from Asian nations like Malaysia, Iran, and Pakistan.

Muslims from around the world are undertaking their required journey to Mecca – one of the five pillars of Islam – known as the Hajj. ‘Hajj’ literally translates to ‘to intend a journey’, and remembers the Prophet Muhammad’s warpath from his exile in Medina to his vengeful takeover of the city of Mecca with his army of caravan pirates, where they slaughtered thousands of non-Muslims including Christians and Jews.

In the year 622 Muhammad was kicked out of Mecca and fled to Medina where he took shelter in an event called the Hijrah (“Emigration”). While in Mecca, Muhammad gathered followers and began ambushing lucrative caravans. As a reward for their efforts, Muhammad paid his men with the bounty from the traders, as well as making slaves of the women and children captured during the raids.

After several raids, Muhammad was able to build up the strength and wealth of a small army to invade Mecca and exert his revenge for being kicked out, killing thousands in the process.

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