North Korean Troops Could Join War in Ukraine

Experts warn that North Korean troops could join the invasion of Ukraine under a new pact with Russia.

The warning comes on the back of a military agreement signed by North Korea and Russia in Pyongyang this week.

The Russian president was on a two-day state visit to North Korea, where he was treated like a rockstar by tens of thousands of enthusiastic children lining the streets and waving balloons in celebration of Vladimir Putin’s arrival. The main square in the capital city of Pyongyang was adorned with huge portraits of the two leaders and their national flags.

It seems that North Korea is being used as a pawn against the West, with Russia threatening to arm North Korea with advanced military technology if they continue to support Ukraine, however the threat might have the unintended consequences of dragging South Korea into the equation. Until now, South Korea has mainly been supplying humanitarian aid to Ukraine as well as joining in economic sanctions against Russia. However, discussions of arming North Korea with advanced military weapons directly threatens South Korea’s security.

The war in Ukraine and the war between Israel and Palestine has brought the entire world onto the brink of war, with military superpowers getting closer and closer to direct military engagement.

At Back to Jerusalem, we are seeing more and more unreached people groups reached with the Gospel, completing the vision for Matthew 24:14. The completion of the Great Commission coupled with the end time prophesy of ‘wars and rumors’ of wars is all too real.

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