1. Lizzie Gray

    Wonderful Testimony.
    Thank You.
    God continue to bless and protect you all.
    I keep you in my prayers.

    1. Christian Author

      Thank you Lizzie! Blessings

  2. Steve Irvine

    Hi, I have now read the book The heavenly man twice now and each time he challenged in how Brother Yun continued to have faith despite his trials. What most challenged me was the poverty and lack of food that his family endured during his imprisonment, particularly his wife. I struggle with trusting God as the Word does speak of the “righteous not begging for bread” and our Father looking after the sparrow; surely He will take care of us.” Can you please help me understand how we trust when Brother Yun and his family appear to struggle and go without so much. I do struggle to trust God in this area and it appears to contradict Scripture. Thanks

  3. sinpath

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