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Where Does My Hope Come From?

A message from Brother Yun and Uncle Tang, as they met together for the first time in many months during the pandemic. In such times, where does our hope come from? Feel free to subscribe to the Back to Jerusalem YouTube channel for more messages from Brother Yun, or check back here for more to come over the next few

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Take a quick but deep dive with us here. Eugene throws a question at James Stroud – director of the Museum of the Bible in Arkansas, for a look at the roots and fruits of evolution, creationism, and morality. Two Guys – Episode 28 Back to Jerusalem ‘Two Guys’ is just a series of conversations with minimal pretext for two

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Does More Money = More Ministry?

This time we join Eugene and Chris in Iraq, considering the variety of people that you meet on the mission field and the different backgrounds that each have unique ways of dealing with relating to funding and finance. A potentially sensitive topic, but one that would probably benefit from a little more openness as the body of Christ. Two Guys

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