Underground House Church Training Materials Translated for Outreach to the Jews

This year, we are seeing an amazing breakthrough in reaching children for Jesus Christ in the darkest regions in the world. One of the ways this is happening is through the Sunday School program written by the Chinese underground house church, known simply as DOVE.

DOVE is the only childrens Sunday School training program that is by the underground house church in China, for the underground house church in China, but now it is being translated into Hebrew for the nation of Israel!

Since the beginning of 2023, BTJ has used DOVE to train Sunday School teachers in Finland, Georgia, Armenia and will soon use it in Poland and Northern Russia, but few places are more exciting than Israel.

There has been such a huge desire coming from Israel for these training materials,” Brother Ren said at the most recent BTJ board meeting in Poland. [A major translation parter] in Israel is currently working on the Hebrew translation and will immediately make it available to believers that want to reach children for Jesus in Israel.”

After seeing how DOVE has been used to train several hundred thousand Sunday School teacher trainers in China, other nations, like Israel, have requested the curriculum to be used in their language.

DOVE has already been translated into 18 different languages and has been used to train national Sunday School teachers in China, Iran, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Cambodia, and even western nations like Finland, the UK, Germany and Norway.

This is the first time that BTJ has translated training materials from the underground house church in China into the Hebrew language. It really does seem that we are seeing the complete circle take place before our eyes. The Great Commission started 2,000 years ago with Jesus’ command in Acts chapter one, and now we are seeing it traveling around the globe and completing the circle, by passing through China and arriving back to the doorstep of Jerusalem.

The DOVE training materials are available now, exclusively through the BTJ website.

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