2024 Cambodia Vision Trip and Vietnam Business as Mission Conference

The day you have been waiting for!

We never know exactly how God will use this trip in your life, but we are convinced it will expand your vision and help you get a better understanding of what BTJ is all about.

Our dates and prices are now set, and we are accepting applications now

What will you get to experience on our tour?


  • If your prayer walk is not strong now, it will be after you see the needs that our Chinese missionaries in Cambodia will have to share.
  • You will meet BTJ workers and experience some of the conditions they work in.
  • You will visit projects and help locals with humanitarian aid.
  • We will be visiting the killing fields of Cambodia and see its history from a Christian perspective (this part of the trip could be disturbing to some, so please be prepared).

Perhaps you are stuck in a place where you believe that God is calling you to take the Gospel to the nations, but you just don’t know where to start. Maybe Cambodia is for you. Or, perhaps you want to be a part of reaching the most unreached areas of the world, but you feel God has gifted you with business. Maybe our Business Forum in Vietnam is for you.


  • Learn why the future of missions is CHANGING and is not what we have been doing in the west for the last 300 years.
  • Meet with business owners and fellow dreamers.
  • Participate in practical workshops.
  • Find Christian suppliers, customers, investors, and potential business partners.
  • Learn how to use business to preach the Gospel in closed countries.
  • Meet Chinese BTJ workers serving in the 10/40 Window.
  • Learn how to start a brand-new business where we help you start from scratch.
  • Find out why the current mission model doesn’t work in the last days.

… and so much more

Step out in faith, fill out our application and join us for our Cambodia tour and Business as Mission in Vietnam and see how God can use you to share the gospel in unique ways. Spaces are limited.

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