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Our Dove Sunday School Curriculum and Training Program is now available to our Western partners!

PLEASE NOTE: This curriculum is currently only available for USA customers

Our Dove Program was birthed from the heart of a Sister of the BTJ movement and her unrelenting passion – for the children of the world to know and experience the love of God. For years this program has been geared towards training Chinese missionaries to organize Sunday School in the churches they plant, and provide them with a curriculum that was effective and relevant to sharing God’s Word with children. That original vision and passion lies at the heart of what this program is all about: advancing and empowering the Chinese to bring the gospel Back to Jerusalem. But now, after seeing its effectiveness and success, we want to make it available to all who might find value in it, no matter where you are located!

This package contains the training materials – for training your Sunday School teachers – and the 12-month curriculum. The curriculum itself is an extension of the Dove Training Series, which was the first program we created to train the Chinese for Sunday School.

The curriculum is created for ministry to children ages 3-12. It is divided into 12 books, one for each month. Each month has a theme and a memory verse that is covered in each week’s lesson. The weekly lessons contain a lesson aim, memory verse, sample schedule, activity directions, and a sample script. There is a fifth week included each month that is dedicated to exposing children to missions work. You can use as much or as little of the material as you see fit for your group, and it is easy to incorporate your original ideas into the lessons.

Here’s our 12 Curriculum Books:

  • Book One: In The Beginning
  • Book Two: Love Blossoms
  • Book Three: Walking By Faith
  • Book Four: Resurrection Life (Easter Edition)
  • Book Five: Extraordinary Ordinary People
  • Book Six: Courageous Kids
  • Book Seven: Missions Of Mercy
  • Book Eight: The Wonderful Holy Spirit
  • Book Nine: The Prayer Connection
  • Book Ten: The Benefits Package
  • Book Eleven: Wonderful Worship
  • Book Twelve: A Heavenly Gift (Christmas Edition)


We are offering our Curriculum in 3 packages, along with additional items available for purchase as needed:

PRINT: ($330)

  • 1 Training DVD
  • 5 Dove Training Books
  • 12 Curriculum Books

DIGITAL: ($150)

  • 1 Dove Training eBook
  • Digital version of the Training DVD (14 Videos)
  • 12 Curriculum eBooks

COMBO: ($215)

  • 5 Dove Training Books
  • Digital version of the Training DVD (14 Videos)
  • 12 Curriculum eBooks


In-Person Training:

We also offer an option to have a BTJ Partner come to your church for a live, 1-day training of your teachers. This live training is an opportunity for us to share, in person, the true heart of the BTJ Dove Program. Our BTJ Partner will lead your team through the training, answer questions, and foster opportunities for sharing, fellowship, and ministry. (The cost of this option will vary, as your church or ministry will be responsible for paying for the travel of a BTJ Representative from Baton Rouge, LA to your location.) If you are interested in this option, please send us an email at


If you need additional training materials or curriculum books, please email us at

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