Under Threat of Death

BTJ’s newest book is Under Threat of Death: A Mother’s Faith in the Face of Injustice, Imprisonment, and Persecution and tells the shocking true story of Shagufta Kauser, a Christian mother of four who was sentenced to death because of the false accusation of sending a text message with comments against Islam.

Shagufta faced what thousands of Christians face in Pakistan every day, but you never hear about.  She was ripped from her children, her family was beaten and tortured, and she was put on death row for eight years after being sentenced to death by hanging.

Shagufta’s story exposes the dirty truth that is hidden by politicians and news reports in the west—Christians like Shagufta do not have rights in a Muslim nation. Like Shagufta, thousands are speaking the truth about Islam and being charged with blasphemy, also known as ‘hate-speech’ in the west.  In Pakistan, a Christian does not even have to be guilty of saying anything negative about Islam. In Shagufta’s case, she was merely accused of it and the courts found her guilty and sentenced her to death at a trial she was not even allowed to attend!

In 2013, local police raided Shagufta’s home, accusing her of sending a blasphemous text to a local imam. As a mother of four, Shagufta was arrested, her handicapped husband was hung upside down and beaten, and her children were put in state custody. The truth was, Shagufta didn’t have a phone and was illiterate—she couldn’t write or speak the language in the text. She was impossibly innocent.

Her stunning testimony shows how God never leaves His children in times of need while also illuminating the evil anti-blasphemy laws in Islamic countries that are quickly being adopted in the west under the guise of anti-hate speech laws.

Under Threat of Death: A Mother’s Faith in the Face of Injustice, Imprisonment, and Persecution.

Will be available in June on the BTJ website or www.amazon.com

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