Afghani Children in Crisis

There are many effective programs around the world helping children in need get access to good nutrition and education. But for these programs to work well, there needs to be a level of stability in a country, as well as reasonable cooperation between aid agencies and the government.

Afghanistan has neither. Most people in the country dont remember a time when there was no conflict. Besides war and terrorism, the nation has been plagued by natural disasters such as earthquakes. Since the Taliban took over, the country has a terror group-turned-government, which has shown little regard for the needs of the most vulnerable—the many orphaned children.

Despite the chronic instability, for years there were many orphanages operating in Afghanistan. When the Taliban came to power, however, most of those orphanages had to close. This was partly because foreign funding was cut, and most foreigners left. However, it was also because local staff were mostly women, who were no longer allowed to work under the Taliban.

Whereas most orphanages have closed, the number of orphans has only increased. The Taliban took revenge as they resumed power and killed many of their critics, leaving their children destitute. A massive food crisis has claimed the lives of many. The lack of food also means that people cannot afford to look after orphans in their wider family or community, even if they want to. Recent earthquakes have only added to the loss of life and devastation.

For a foreign organisation, setting up an efficient and well-organised food and education program for orphaned Afghani children is impossible. It would take the cooperation from the Taliban and the investment of foreign donors, along with guarantees for the security of staff and assets. And girls would be excluded from any educational efforts.

So, what can be done if rich countries cant barge in with their big aid organisations to take charge of the crisis?  As Christians we have a secret weapon. We can use the underground network of followers of Jesus in Afghanistan, who are willing to love and take care of orphans, but like most Afghanis, lack the means. At the moment, this effort is only on a small scale, helping several dozen at a time, but for those children it makes an unimaginable difference.

These children who were left homeless and starving, now get their daily meals, a bed to sleep in and a place in a new family. And where possible these children are helped to go to school or are educated in a different way. Moreover, they are placed with believers, where they can learn about Jesus and receive Hope beyond just their next meal and an education. On a recent video we received, several orphans enjoyed singing the worship songs they had learned. We want to continue this program so many more of Afghanistans orphans will once again be able to sing with hope.

Afghani believers can house and feed a child in this way, for only 16 USD per month. If you feel this is something you want to help with, please check the donation page on our website and give to Where Needed Most with a note for Afghanistan Orphans.

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