Engaging the Youth of Today in Missions!

Is your child ready for a challenge this summer? Why not take them for a deep dive into the world of missions? You may learn one or two things yourself!

A while ago, Back to Jerusalem developed a missions course for older children and teenagers. That is the time when children are developing interests which often stay with them throughout their lives. We want to encourage and inspire them with the story of missions.

But we also want to challenge them. As young believers, they are part of an enormously diverse worldwide church. A church that is growing, but also changing, as millions of new believers from different continents meet their Saviour and learn to follow Him in their own cultures, often through hardship and persecution.

What is their place in this amazing picture? How can they serve God and serve their brothers and sisters? What can they give and receive, as they engage with the worldwide church?

This course gives a good overview of missions in general, with a focus on China, unreached groups and the persecuted church. It can be used in Sunday schools or youth groups, but also in families or as part of a home school curriculum. Self-motivated kids may even be able to do it alone. It includes discussion questions, creative assignments and some crafts and puzzles.

You can downloaded it for free now

If your child or youth group have already done this course, we would love to hear your feedback!

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