The One Instrument in every House Church

In China, some worship services have started to modernize, but there are many that still keep the same roots of worship that was born out of the revivals over the last few decades. In the early days, if a worship service had a physical Bible they were fortunate. Often they gathered, and people may not have had a Bible to bring but the one thing everyone had was was their voices. Songs were sung and sung and sung until they are memorized.

You will get a taste of this if you watch the amazing testimony of sister Xiao Min. A quiet girl from from the country side in Henan province. She is a part of what used to be one of the largest networks in China, the China Gospel Fellowship.

One of her most famous songs is China 5 Am.

There is one thing about China that some people don’t realize. With a communist Government, everything in China revolves around the capitol city Beijing, where the seat of authority is. Even though the land area of China is massive (about the same as the United States) the entire country shares one time zone.

So consider :

• the most populated country in the world,

• with the largest Church in the world,

• that wakes up at the same time for worship and prayer all across one unified time zone.

This is the time when voices are lifted whispering and shouting, rejoicing and weeping, in song and prayer. This is when the battle starts.

We try to imagine what God is like, what His nature is like, what the experience of endless worship is like before the throne, the one who was, is and will be. The one who spoke all things into existence, who calls us to use our voices in reflection of His goodness.

let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that acknowledge his name.

The burden of the Chinese Church is to do this from China all the way back to Jerusalem through the 1040 window. Pray that this chorus of voices would not only reach the throne but also be sent out to reach the nations.

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