The History of Islam You Are Not Told About

On this podcast episode, Eugene is joined by former Library of Congress historian, Raymond Ibrahim. Mr. Ibrahim is an American author, translator, columnist, and critic of Islam. His focus is Arabic history, language, and current events of the Middle East. Raymond talks with Eugene about the history of Islam that is often concealed.

Still today, there is violent persecution of Christians by Muslims, but it receives little attention in the mainstream press.

While many Americans were shocked to learn that a Christian pastor was sentenced to death in Iran for his faith in 2012, few ever heard about the thirty other cases of persecution of Christians in Muslim countries that happened at the same time. This is why we bring Raymond on – to inform us about the persecution against Christians that has been omitted due to the liberal biases of the mainstream media.

Listen below as to why and how the broader culture has distracted people’s attention away from portions of Islamic history.

Episode 655: The History Of Islam You Are Not Told About

I am a Messianic Jewish believer that felt the tug of the L-rd towards the unreached. I decided I would go to China. My love for the Chinese people grew while I was there, but when I learned of the Back to Jerusalem movement, I knew the L-rd wanted me to be proclaiming His gospel message to the unreached people between China and Jerusalem. Let’s unite and complete the great commission. We need to accept the challenge Jesus has given us so that we can feel the exhilaration of victory.


  1. Mary Ellen Gilvey

    Islam is beautiful Religion. They love God whom they call Allah but all my hundreds of Middle East Arab Muslim friends when they wrote to me called him God and ask him for his Mercy. Us Catholics ask Jesus Christ God for Mercy when we say the Divine Mercy Chaplet and just an hour ago Mercy Hour I sung rhe Divine Mercy Chaplet which I love doing. Muslims believe in Purity and so do I. So do many Jewish sects and Amish and Mennonites. Muslims read the Qran and I just read a passage from the Bible that really made me feel good because it was exactly about what I’m going through and God had me read it to consol me and tell me that he will use his Mighty Power to get it for me just as the passage said along with many other things validating my situation as we speak. God is amazing that he just did that a put a huge smile on my face because he loves me. The Muslim World is some parts accepts Christians but many want them to follow Islam especially if you Marry a Muslim Man they want you to convert to Islam. Jews are notorious for trying to Marry only Jewish wives and frown upon it when the Marriage is not. But those who Marry Catholic Women for many turn out fine. Just watch and listen to Adam Sandler sing the chanukah Song he wrote on SNL of all the list of people who are Jewish even 1/4 Jewish like Harrison Ford not too shabby. Even David Lee Roth lights the menorah. Catholics and Muslims don’t have a great song like this one. In Israel both Muslims and Jews co-exist beautifully daily side by side at the wailing wall praying to God. It’s beautiful. When I was on Facebook I received 2 absolutely beautiful photos from my Jewish friends and Muslims friends in Israel. It’s 2 boys about 12 years old arm in arm walking as friends smiling where the Jewish boy is wearing his Yarmakah and his Ultra Orthodox attire and the Muslim boy is wearing traditional Muslim Men’s clothes and boy boys are having the time of their life happy as friends. The 2nd photo are 2 men on a road next to a van where the Ultra Orhodox man is standing wearing what looks like Rabbi’s clothes standing and praying with the Muslim man on his mat facing east praying to Allah. This photo shows they too are friends. We must never hate Jews because they are Jewish and must never hate Muslims because they are Muslim. Many are Islamic phobic of Muslims thinking every Muslim is a terrorist and because they wear their clothes it frightens them. Remember they came from the dessert in the Middle East where it’s hot and this has been their traditional outfit for Centuries plus they want the flesh covered up especially for their wives and daughters with their hair covered and their face. I learned in High School it’s because other men will find their wife attractive so their hair and face must be covered and the Saudi Arabian women whose eyes are only showing every husband knows their wives by their eyes we were told. It all Religious and Morality and Purity and sexual morality where the other Religious sects I mentioned also believe this and follow this as well.

  2. Maxie

    The true history of Islam is very simple. Abdallah, Muhammad’s uncle, was leading a worship to the Arabic moon god Allah, in pagan Arabia. Muhammad, a, uneducated peasant and petty warlord, got struck by a Satanic attack in a cave, that put him in a hypnotic trance.

    False Jews and Christians, gathered in that Arabic city (that was not Mecca actually, since it didn’t exist back then and was just another pagan worship place), pretended an angel had spoken to him, just like Daniel, and declared a new worldwide godly revelation to be spread over the planet, through the use of violence, since the Quran promotes crime and murder.

    They decided the God of Jews and Christians to be Allah, and many centuries later, the Quran was “coined” for military and propaganda needs, along with the “character” of the “prophet” Muhammad.

    Quran then is made of half fake, half true Biblical stories adding to legends, folk, lore and even Eastern influences. It’s a warlike religion, a religion of domination and submission, a new tyranny. All that peace religion stuff is the biggest lie ever, just like Communism. It’s the worst thing Satan ever crafted, it should be reproved and not lauded as “the third monotheism in Jerusalem/Israel etc.”.

    Hopefully, God promises to put an end to that Kingdom of the South, to that god of fortresses, that ruthless idolatrous pagan creed. Let’s pray that as many people leave it as possible.


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