Christian Sentenced to Death for Saying He Follows Jesus

Pakistani Christian, Ashfaq Masih, (Picture source: Twitter), has been sentenced to death for declaring to follow Jesus and not Muhammad.

According to a recent report, Ashfaq, who has already been jailed for five years, was sentenced to death on July 4 in Lahore Pakistan for blasphemy against Islam.

The charges of blasphemy leveled against Ashfaq occurred when a customer came into his bicycle shop demanding free services. The customer claimed that he was a special follower of Muhammad and shouldn’t have to pay for services for his bicycle, to which Ashfaq simply responded that he was a follower of Jesus and therefore didn’t recognize any special discounts given to special followers of Islam. “I insisted on payment and said that I did not follow anyone other than Jesus, and thus was not interested in the man’s religious status,” Ashfaq states.

The man reported the exchange to the police and Ashfaq was arrested and charged with blasphemy. Admitting that you follow Jesus is a type of refusal to “follow the Prophet Muhammad” which is a type of blasphemy.

According to Nasir Saeed, director of CLAAS, a non-denominational Christian organization based in the UK and Pakistan, the decision was likely made by a judge after pressure from local Muslims. “Due to pressure from Islamic groups, judges in lower courts are always hesitant to free the victims, and instead make popular decisions to save their own skin and transfer the burden to the higher court,” Saeed said.

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  1. Jesus is God, the Son and the Father and the Holy Spirit all bundled into one GOD. Catholics and Christians believe this. There are many beautiful religions in the World that follow God. He has many different names depending upon what Religion you practice or what Tribe you belonged to or what time Era people lived in or what region of the Earth you live in. Like the Nepalians who climb Mount Everest call him God of the Mountain asking for protection for the great climb to the Summit. Here are God’s names but never Blasphemy God’s name in vain the first commandment just like Muslims don’t want you to blasphemy the Prophet Mohammed. Lord God of Abraham, Allah. Lord, Jahova, God of Isaac, Israel, Jacob and Israel. God Almighty. The Almighty One. God of Power. God of Thunder. God of the Earth. God of Oceans. God of the Sea. God of the Moon Sun and Stars. God of Lightening. God of Rain. God of wind. God of the Universe. God of Wonder. And Mother Earth. The Earth is God’s footstool us Catholics are taught. Muslims please don’t kill Ashfag for following Jesus Christ. He did not blasphemy Mohammed. My hundreds of Facebook Muslims friends always wrote about RESPECT. We must RESPECT each other’s Religion and not kill anyone over it like was done in the Holocaust with Jewish people and like in Christ Church with the Muslims in New Zealand. This must stop and never be done. It’s not what GOD wants.

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