The Greatest Lessons they Learned

Several weeks ago, we began posting a ‘30-day Survival Guide for End Time Persecution’ on

Around the world, persecution against Christians is on the increase, but the underground church in China has walked this path for decades. For 30 days, we shared stories from those in China who have suffered for Christ and the greatest lessons they learned. Their testimonies of faith and endurance were a gift for those who followed along.

As we journeyed through the 30 days, we were reminded over and over again of the faithfulness of brothers and sisters around the world in the face of extreme persecution.

One Dingdash user wrote, “Wow! I often ask myself if I could be strong enough? Could I hold out and stand strong? Do I know scripture well enough? Have I memorized enough?

When we hear the stories of believers who have risked everything for their faith in Christ, most of us find ourselves asking those very same questions.

The truth is, we can’t know the answers to those questions for certain – no matter how sure we might feel. This is why our prayers are so crucially important. When we commit to pray, it brings strength to those who, right now, are walking through the trials of persecution. As the Body of Christ, if one part suffers, every part suffers with it. Their burden is our burden. Our prayers bring strength where there is weakness, endurance where there is weariness and hope where there is hopelessness.

Those serving in the most unreached nations of the world today depend on the prayers of believers like you and I. It is a vital part of their mission. Our prayers become fuel for those who take the Good News to those who have never heard.

Prayer reaches the places we cannot. There is no limit to where our prayers can go. No matter how closed a nation may seem, prayer pierces through the borders of darkness, preparing the way for those who faithfully carry the Light of Christ.

If we truly understood the power of our prayers, we would find little time for anything else. Who knows how many people we will meet in heaven one day, who stood firm in their faith because the church around the world chose to pray.

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  1. So true. I think if we are faithfully walking with God, He will lead us and guide us. Whatever we are faced with I know He is right there facing it with me.

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