FOR CHILDREN Learning about mission, with new resources in the pipeline!

Children are not just the future of missions, there is an important part for them to play now! At different ages, there are different things for children to learn and take part in. And we want to inspire children of every age and ability with our resources. So, what do we have on offer?

Many of you are hopefully familiar with our children’s book series ‘Tales from Fufu’s forest’. These beautiful books can be read to and by young children to introduce them to the world of missions and inspire them with powerful stories.

At the beginning of the first Covid lockdowns, we began adding workbooks which can be used in a home school setting. These are great for the 5-11 age group to use alongside the Fufu books. We made these workbooks available for free on our website, as well as YouTube videos of the books that go with them, so children can start right away!

These workbooks include puzzles, coloring pages, Chinese lessons and other activities which help children learn about missions. Check them out on

But what if your child is ready for a deep dive? Right now, we are developing a mission course for older children from about 9-13 years old. This will take children behind the stage of mission. With sections on subjects like the Biblical basis for missions, Chinese church history, the Persecuted church, Missions and culture, your child will be given a much better understanding and hopefully more enthusiasm for missions! Important concepts are explained in a way which children can understand and relate to. And every section has both discussion questions to use in a home or Sunday school setting, and activities to help process and apply what they learned.

More information about this course will be given next time, so keep an eye out for it! But beware, your child may end up knowing (a lot) more about missions than you.

Is your child beyond the workbook and activity stage? He or she may be ready for our Back to Jerusalem workshop which you can download at:

Let’s equip the next generation to take their place in the Great Commission!

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