The 3 Most Essential Laws Of Kingdom Leadership

Are you an example of Christian fecal matter?

God does not move according to our “agenda” – God has His own agenda.

The world thinks that a true leader cannot lead if he does not know where he wants to go and has a plan of how to get there. Many also think that true leaders are people who have a sense of purpose and direction in their life. Leadership traits are not something you are born with; they are learned skills that can be developed with time, hard work, and experience.

After a recent BTJ Ambassadors’ meeting, Eugene was inspired to share about how Kingdom leadership is different than other methods of leadership. He wants to share 3 simple Kingdom leadership laws that are necessary to live a Kingdom life. These leadership laws are not exhaustive, but are perhaps the top 3 rules needed by all ministry leaders.

There are many courses and lectures available on leadership. In fact, we have printed and distributed The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell, many times. However, Eugene wants to take us down another way we think about leadership.

Come listen to what Eugene says are the top 3 laws of leadership in the Kingdom here.

Episode 634: The 3 Most Essential Laws Of Kingdom Leadership

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