Report: Chinese Troops Moving to North Korean Border

“China is moving troops to border of North Korea,” is the report this morning from Swedish Aftonbladet.

“Yes, we have been seeing the Chinese military moving in the area,” confirmed a BTJ missionary in the area.

This report comes as South Korea again confirms that Kim Jong Un is alive and doing well.

China’s military movement tells another story.  China might be preparing.

If the leadership of North Korea is in trouble, there would be a massive humanitarian disaster on China’s hands as many North Koreans turn to China for help. The border between China and North Korea are not as militarized as between North Korea and South Korea. North Korean’s have been sneaking back and forth between North Korean and China for decades. There are miles of open border between China and North Korea that are not guarded and have no barrier other than the narrow Tumen River.

A sudden movement of China’s military to the North Korea’s border could mean that they have been alerted of possible problems regarding the health of the Dear Leader Kim Jong Un.

Back to Jerusalem missionaries have been working in the border region for almost two decades. There are many house churches strategically located along the border that are known safe houses for refugees from North Korea. These homes are usually marked with a cross and provide food, shelter, and prayer for refugees.

Back to Jerusalem is working inside of North Korea and helping share the Gospel with the underground house church. Please continue to pray for the nation as these events unfold.

2 thoughts on “Report: Chinese Troops Moving to North Korean Border”

  1. William A. Kuns IV

    I thought that I’d recently heard mention of Chinese military amassing troops near the North Korean border a while back, and was wondering why there hadn’t been any mention of it lately. Whew! I guess it was just a nightmare (I’m an American veteran)!

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