One of Every Four Americans Have Smart Speaker in Their Home

Google and Amazon are preparing new smart-home devices that will monitor your every move in the home.

Google’s newest Nest Hub device will not only listen to your conversations, track your movement throughout the house, monitor your temperature, observe your cough, but will watch you when you are asleep to monitor sleep patterns.

The Amazon Echo Show 10 will not be ignored. When you walk into the room, it will automatically adjust its display to face you – regardless of whether you need it to or not.

Amazon and Google hope to more fully integrate their devices into your life.

Amazon and Google saw their smart-speakers gobbled up during the pandemic – with about one out of every four Americans owning at least one smart-speaker in 2021, and with those who do own smart speakers having on average 2.3 speakers in their home.

The newer devices collect more data which can preemptively remind users to charge their phone or watch, keep appointments, or give helpful information about the weather outside, but theoretically these devices can also tell if a user has covid or had their vaccination. The devices can also tell if there has been a change in a user’s religious beliefs or political leanings and why.

Weaponising information against users to convince them to adhere to certain ideas is not above Google and Amazon – as has been seen recently. When Google and Amazon does not like a political ideology, they block it. They attack it. They take it down. When they see that a certain app or medium is having an impact, they can quickly move to remove it from the public domain.

Having inside personal information on users in ¼th of all American homes is a great way to compile data that can allow manipulation of ideas and thoughts.

With these devices in one’s home, it could easily be a dream, making life easier and better, or it could be dictators dream as envisioned in George Orwell’s 1984 where Big Brother hears and sees all that you do and the only way to hide a secret in such an environment “is to hide it from yourself.”

This is just one of the reasons why BTJ created DingDash is a social media site that does not monitor or save information on users. DingDash is a free speech forum that allows for ideas and concepts to be freely shared without the eyes of Big Brother trying to monitor or manipulate.

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