North Korea Blames Lack of Food on Climate Change

If there has ever been a reason to question the champions of the Climate Change agenda, it might be with North Korea.  As if the people in North Korea do not suffer enough, now their leader wants their nation to lead the way to fight Climate Change, because he says his nation is a victim of it.

According to a UN report, Pyongyang is ready to lead on a variety of Climate Change issues and work “with the international community on a variety of environmental concerns, including coastline management, reforestation, and climate change adaptation.”

The report goes on to quote one person as saying, there is “no other area in which North Korea wishes for and pursues international co-operation with such a proactive and open attitude as it does on environmental policy.”

North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, has blamed Climate Change as one of the reasons for the ongoing food crisis and cataclysmic floods that have battered the country.

For those Christians who have escaped persecution in North Korea, they know that the problems in North Korea are not due to Climate Change.  South Korea shares the same peninsula and experiences a similar climate, but the results are completely different.

This month for instance, both Korea’s are experiencing a hotter than usual summer. North Korea’s higher latitude and elevation generally make temperatures feel cooler than South Korea, but North Korean defectors are reporting that the lack of air-conditioning in buildings and homes make Pyongyang more unbearable than Seoul. Some South Korean buildings are so cold during the summer than some have to wear extra clothing to work and to go shopping.

In North Korea, air conditioning is scarce, and even fans are rarely used. Of course the reason for North Korea’s lack of air-conditioning and fans is due to the extreme poverty of the nation, but now there is a new excuse – fighting Climate Change.


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