Muslim Man and Wife Strangled and Chopped with Axe for Converting to Christianity

For Muslims, choosing to follow Christ costs everything. Twaha Namwoyo and his wife Nadiimu Katooko chose to follow Christ and when the local Muslims learned about their conversion, they set out for an honor killing.

The couple were murdered outside their home on February 2, in Bulaka Village in Uganda, according to their neighbor. “I heard people talking and conversing loudly in Arabic and the Lugwere language, saying that Twaha is to reap the fruits of leaving Islam,” the neighbor told Morning Star News on condition of anonymity. “After a few minutes, I heard loud wailing coming out of Twaha’s house.”

The neighbor, also a Christian, quickly locked their doors and hid with their family. “Not knowing our fate. We kept awake the whole night in great fear. But thank God the attackers did not come to our house.”

When the police arrived, they found the body of the husband with deep cuts, and his wife laying beside him with a swollen neck, likely from being strangled to death.

They leave behind four children ages 7, 5, 3 and 2. They were locked inside the house until the police arrived.

Also, laying beside the dead bodies were several long Somali swords, knives and an axe at the scene. They were likely the murder weapons and were purposefully left at the scene as a warning to other Muslims considering conversion to Christianity.

The couple had only been Christians for less than three months, since December 2023.

*IMAGE: Morning Star News



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