2024 Elections Will be the Most Dangerous of Our Life

The 2024 elections could potentially be the most critical in history, given the recent events in Munich. This podcast that Eugene is about to present might turn out to be one of the most important this year. However, it’s important to note that you will not find this information on mainstream media outlets.

People are willing to turn their freedom over to a government that will promise security and never return ones freedom. Therefore, in the name of “protection,” major IT corporations have suppressed any voices asking questions. They only allow discussions that align with their agendas. This raises a critical question: where does this path lead us?

Please be aware that the Munich counsels contain individuals who have not been elected, but are trying to control the worlds narrative. They appear to be gathering with the intention to limit freedom of speech globally. Their ultimate aim seems to be hindering the spread of the Gospel.

To learn more about this, please proceed with caution when clicking on the link provided below:

Episode 724: 2024 Elections Will Be The Most Dangerous Of Our Life

1 thought on “2024 Elections Will be the Most Dangerous of Our Life”

  1. I like this episode. It dives into some very concerning issues surrounding the upcoming 2024 elections and the actions of certain individuals and corporations.

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