Missionary doctors fighting Covid-19 in China

It is not what you think it is. Our mental image of missionary doctors is usually a blond female in white scrubs injecting the black arm of a starving child, or something similar. But we are talking about Chinese missionary doctors running clinics in underserved minority areas in China.

Meet Mary (not her real name). Mary was the daughter of a pastor. She wanted to become a doctor, but there was no money to support such dreams. BtJ stepped in and with help of our givers, we supported her through college and medical school. After that, we helped her father build a clinic.

Mary is now leading this clinic. But it is more then just a medical facility. Mary employs 30 health professionals who all have a missionary heart and help people in the name of Jesus.

They stand in a rich tradition of missionary doctors and nurses who came to China in the last century and served both the medical and spiritual needs of the Chinese people. When the Great Command, to love our neighbour as ourselves, and the Great Commission, to preach the gospel, meet in this way, it has a powerful effect.

That is why BtJ has built more than a hundred medical clinics throughout China over the years. And although they are not all staffed by missionary doctors, they are all built with the help of believers around the world and stand as a testimony that God cares for the needs of people in these remote places.

Today, Mary and her medical team are at the forefront of fighting Covid-19, comforting people who are affected and serving their community in the name of Jesus.

Let’s carry them in prayers, together with missionary doctors all over the world who offer hope and comfort in the midst of this pandemic.



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