Mini-Series Podcast #4: Mao’s Little Red Book

In the Old Testament, God had the Patriarchs mark, with stones or altars, a way of remembering great and mighty miracles or events. This was the purpose of the Mezuzahs that were to be placed on the sides of doors and gates. This way, we could discuss past events and God’s instructions with our children (Deuteronomy 6:5).

Of course, all of these monuments allow for history to be remembered.  This allows for the opportunity to avoid the same mistakes.

In Mao’s Little Red Book he claims, “We can learn what we did not know. We are not only good at destroying the Old World, we are also good at building the new.” Mao wanted to destroy all memories of the old, and only build new. He saw no need to remember the mistakes of the past.

Mao led the Chinese Communist Party to victory in the Chinese Civil War, and Maoism is the political philosophy that followed. Many in the “Party” would claim that Mao developed this ideology in China, where it was the governing ideology of China under Mao’s leadership.

However, this isn’t new – this ideology has happened before. The Spirit of Cain is what the ideology of Maoism holds. What is the Spirit of Cain?

Click below to listen to Eugene discuss this Spirit of jealousy and entitlement, and learn its impact upon the world.

Mini-Series Podcast #4: Mao’s Little Red Book

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