Letter From the Office

Greetings from the UK!

We are so happy this newsletter is in your hands. Simply by receiving this newsletter, you have chosen to remain connected with what God is doing today in the most closed nations of the world. We are so thankful for your faithful partnership and are so grateful to know that we are in your prayers.

In this newsletter you will read about the desperate needs in Somalia, testimonies of Muslims receiving Christ in Africa, and China’s ever-growing influence in the world.

When hearing testimonies and prayer requests from various closed nations, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed, asking God what our part might be in all that He is doing. We are continually inspired by heroes of the faith in the world today, but the truth is you are not called to be like them. You are called to complete the task that God has given uniquely to you.

God has never created anyone like you before, and He never will again. This is not a truth that exists as a testimony to you or I, but as a testimony to our Creator.

We have often seen this at our BTJ Hackers Conference. These hackers come from different nations, different walks of life, different careers, with different giftings… and yet all of that comes together to be used for this special task that God has called them to. The way they serve may not fit the picture of what we think “ministry” should look like. Their ministry is not on a stage for all to see. Their ministry is behind the scenes, quiet, hidden, but they are using the uniqueness that God has given them to create amazing new tools and strategies for the mission field that have never been thought possible before.

How much of that would be lost if their God-given uniqueness was left unused?

There is a task ahead of us given clearly by Jesus: to complete the Great Commission. The completion of this mission requires the uniqueness gifted to each of us by God to be used. If uniqueness is God’s gift to us, then the surrender of that uniqueness for the purpose of His will is our gift to Him. Not only is He worthy of our surrender, but it is required in order for us to be a part of what God is doing in these final days.

There are still 3 billion people in the world who are yet to hear the hope of salvation. What a privilege it is that God chooses to use you and I as carriers of this hope.

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