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BTJ Office in Poland: This is War (and I’ve accepted it)

How did it happen that BTJ is actively involved in the support of war refugees fleeing Ukraine? What is our role and core activities? How did it even happen that BTJ has an office in Poland?!

I don’t think it will surprise anyone that it all started through Brother Yun and his book, The Heavenly Man. I started digging and searching for the “Back to Jerusalem” vision and eventually discovered the BTJ Podcast. This happened in January 2020 – the BTJ podcast was our first source of information about Wuhan and we started praying and preparing. This was the moment when the Polish house church movement took a stand with BTJ, praying and supporting the Christ-given vision to take the gospel to the 10/40 window.

When, in September of 2021, I went to Iraq to see the church working with the refugees, I had no idea that in less than 6 months this experience would be useful in my own country, in the middle of Europe.

Now, this unique connection between BTJ and Polish house churches enables us to bring the gospel, along with humanitarian aid, to war-torn Ukraine. BTJ is providing food and supplies for hundreds of refugees, both in Poland and deep into Ukrainian territory. Some of our partners are producing high grade, nutritious meals and bringing them overnight to wherever they are needed in Poland. Others are travelling day after day, checking all the border crossings and refugee registration centres to spread the awareness of human-trafficking, ensuring refugees are well-informed about the risks.

There is one story that is just so heart-warming: we took a full box of baby Fufus to the distribution centre run by missionaries and bears were added to a “Welcome to Poland” package given to every child fleeing from Ukraine. The reaction was… overwhelming! Bears have served in their place of origin, Iraq, by giving new opportunity to Iraqi refugees and now they serve (indirectly) in Poland, bringing hope for the future. Each bear is a personal letter that says, “I’ve made it through, you can do it too”.

BTJ is also providing New Testaments to bring spiritual nourishment and encouragement to our friends from Ukraine. Our friends who run the reception centre near Lublin say there is a clear spiritual hunger and refugees are searching for God and His comfort. We will supply tens of thousands of high-quality New Testaments in the modern Ukrainian language in coming weeks.

We want to thank all who are praying for Ukraine and all who donated to the disaster relief. You made all these efforts possible.

BTJ Poland

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