IRANIAN WOMAN: “I Will Never Wear a Headscarf Again, Even If They Kill Me” as Women Burn Mandatory Islamic Head Coverings

Violent protests have erupted all over the nation of Iran after a young woman was suspected of being beaten to death for not wearing a headscarf.

Mahsa Amini, a 22 year old, was arrested in Tehran on September 13, by the notorious morality police. In Iran, morality police are Muslim law enforcement officials who walk around and arrest people for infractions of Islamic law, like holding hands in public, wearing clothing that is too revealing, and women not covering their head.

Shortly after Mahsa’s arrest, she was taken to the hospital where government authorities say she died of “natural causes” three days later. However, hospital reports gained by hackers reveal severe head injuries, most likely sustained during beatings after her arrest.

“The way women are treated in this country is horrible,” said one BTJ contact who comes from Mahsa’s home area in the Kurdish region of Iran. “There has been violence and protests every night around Kasra Hospital and Argentina square. I do not know how long I will have internet to tell you these things.”

“So much protests are going on in Iran right now,” Naghmeh Panahi writes. Naghmeh leads a house church network in Iran. “I can’t communicate with house churches. Internet has been shut down.”

As reported by The Observers in France, Agrin (not her real name), is a young Iranian girl living in Sanandaj, the capital of the Kurdistan Province in Iran. She is one of the young people protesting in the street and she boldly claimed that she would never wear a hijab or cover her hair according to Islamic law again!

“I have attended all the protests in the last few days and I will go again today. I am going to the main street where people are gathering and chanting and crying, and I will not wear a headscarf. I have sworn to myself that I will never wear a headscarf again, even if they kill me, torture me, I will not submit anymore. I see hundreds of women everyday doing the same.  This dress code, this piece of cloth, was never part of our culture – not as Iranians and certainly not as Kurds. Our mothers, and now we, have put up with it for 40 years.”

Hundreds of women can be seen taking off their hijab and waving them in the air to signify their freedom from Islamic law.

Many women are even burning their headscarves. Young people protesting in the street causes a lot of fear among the Islamic rulers in Iran, because they know that is how they came to power themselves in 1979.

The protests are only a small part of the discontent the people have with the Islamic government. Iranians are searching for more meaning to life than the Koran can offer and are turning to Christ by the thousands. This is why BTJ is providing 10,000 Persian Bibles to Iran in the next couple of months. A special Bible has been printed just for new Iranian believers and the first Bible was completed this month.

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  1. Mary Ellen Gilvey

    Islamic women must wear their head scarf to cover their hair and they must also cover up their bodies. This has alawys been Islamic Law. Some must cover up their face also only showing their eyes. Mainly that was Saudi Arabia. A husband knew his wife by her eyes. Covering the hair is crucial in Islamic Law for PURITY and that other Men don’t find a Man’s Wife attractive by her hair. Covering the body is PURITY.. Women always did this this for Centuries not ever exposing flesh of any kind. Very Ultra Orthodox Jewish Women still do and Hindu’s too and Muslim Women too and Amish Women too and Mennonite Women too and many Women around the World still believe in doing this today in 2022 for Moral Reasons and Putity and that it’s wrong to expose your flesh and considered dirty and filthy and unclean and perverted and sexually immoral. The other premise is a Wife’s body is only to be seen by her husband in the bedroom and not splashed around for all other men to see. I believe in this too. I was brought up this way and it’s Also for Religious Reasons for every women that does cover up their body. This changed during the sexual revolution of the 1990’s where taking your clothes off and bearing all and pornography all caused women to expose themselves where many are almost naked. In the United States it was called INDECENT EXPOSURE and women and men were ARRESTED for exposing their bodies. I actually saw this happen about 12 years ago where the Police were walking a woman out of the store in handcuffs and I said what happened Officers and they said we are ARRESTING her for Indecent Exposure. Please don’t let the Muslim World of Women change what’s been Islamic Law for Centuries and every Muslim Man and Father and Husband INSIST on their Wife and Daughters to COVER UP. Jewish Fathers and Husbands also INSIST on it. So do AMISH Father’s and husbands and Menonite’s. They get CAST OUT and SHUNNED if they dont follow their ways. Years ago Women were stonned to death for indecent exposure and for getting pregnant before marriage and for being Prostitutes and for having sex before marriage and for having sex with another woman’s husband’s (ADULTERY) and many other things the Community considered filthy. They also stonned to death Men who did dirty filthy things too like having an affair with another man’s wife or going to a prostitute or having sex with little girls and molesting them and other things. And Countries use to CASTRATE a Man’s PENIS if they did filthy things with it and they also CASTRATED a Woman but in a different way if she too did filthy things. Some Countries still CASTRATE and STONE to DEATH in 2022. They take PURITY and SEXUAL MORALITY and FIDELITY very serious. As far as the brutal beating of this woman Islam does this under Islamic Law and Sharia Law which is part of their Cultural Heritage and beliefs and Moral Principles and Religious Principles which others in the World find brutal. 2 years ago I wrote a very long passage on FACEBOOK regarding the horrible story about 35 MEN GANG RAPING a 16 year old in Pakistan. I included much of what I wrote above but added many other things that not one man stopped to say this is wrong and I’m not taking part in this and I’m getting the Police but they ALL RAPED HER. Then I talked about how women and girls dress today bearing all and they’re getting GROPED in OFFICES and then I mentioned about a Canadian Journalist who wrote about the DANGERS of PORN where he sId that so many FATHER’S are now HAVING SEX with their DAUGHTERS because of PORN. After I posted this on the BBC NEWS FACEBOOK Story about the Pakistan Incident, the Prime Minister of Pakistan responded to my FACEBOOK POST and wrote a News Story saying this (Its time for women to cover up their bodies now because it is OBSCENE and VULGAR and it is causing MEN to RAPE and GROPE). Pakistan is primarily Muslim.


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