How Brother Yun Found Peace in Uncertainty

How do you respond when circumstances don’t go the way you think they will? If we’re honest, sometimes we get offended when God doesn’t do things in the way we anticipate. Today, in our 30 Day Survival Guide for End Time Persecution, we highlight a story of how God promised to provide rest for Brother Yun, though it did not come in the way he expected. However, rather than growing offended at God, Brother Yun pressed in and found peace.

Brother Yun’s contagious faith is built upon the foundation of trust and joy the Lord has given him. He knows firsthand that Jesus will see him through every trial, will be his strength in weakness, and will provide everything he needs throughout his journey.

As you read his story today, allow the Lord to give you His perspective, and trust Him even when things may not look like you thought they would. When our hearts are open to whatever the Lord has for us, we can walk in a deep level of joy and our faith will become contagious, much like Brother Yun’s!

You can find the story here.

Elizabeth Bell has a heart for the persecuted Church and loves to share stories of God’s faithfulness. She has spent several years working in closed countries to further the advancement of the Gospel.

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