End Time Persecution Survival Guide

Christians in the West are quickly finding that many of their Biblical beliefs are illegal to share with others, several of their activities are criminal, and the legislative protection that they once enjoyed has turned against them. End time prophecies are being fulfilled and persecution against Christians is increasing.

The good news is there is help from the underground house church in China. For them, the growing rejection Christians are experiencing in the West is nothing new. The story of the underground house church reads like the Book of Acts and there is much we can learn.

For 30 Days–Starting February 12th–we share from those in China that have suffered in some of the most cruel ways and learn how they were able to survive. Their testimonies of faith, endurance, and survival are a blue print for us all to prepare for the coming persecution.

DAY 30: Pastor Zhang Rongliang

“During the first two months after I was arrested, I was questioned every day. I looked for a glimmer of hope that they would be letting me go. No hope came. “Zhang Rongliang. You are being charged with two counts. How do you plead?” The judge asked when my day in court finally came. “I plead not guilty.” After hearing

DAY 29: Sister Jing

Shandong Province has played a pivotal role in China’s revival. Missionaries from the West gave their lives in Shandong to bring the gospel message to the Chinese. One of those missionaries was a leading Baptist-philanthropist-turned-Pentecostal-evangelist, L.M. Aglin. A young man by the name of Jing Dianying went to work for L.M. Aglin, received the Lord, and was baptized in the

DAY 28: Sister Ruth

Sister Ruth was in her early 20s when she was sent to the Philippines to be trained as a Back to Jerusalem missionary. She was very skinny, frail, and used to urban life in China. She had never traveled outside of China before and was extremely timid. The Back to Jerusalem school in the Philippines is not a typical missionary

DAY 27: Sister Li

Sister Li is a Chinese Back to Jerusalem missionary. One morning when she was praying, the Holy Spirit came upon her and told her clearly, “My daughter, I want you to go to Tibet.” Upon hearing the command, Sister Li became frightened. “God,” she began to pray. “I know that you are telling me to go to Tibet, but I

DAY 26: Sister An

Sister An is serving as one of the main trainers for Back to Jerusalem’s Dove Project. The Dove Project has been used to train more than 250,000 Sunday School teacher-trainers in China, Vietnam, India, Egypt, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, and Norway. An is from Henan Province where Norwegian missionary Marie Monsen spent most of her time ministering in the

DAY 25: Sister Grace He

The Back to Jerusalem vision is not a new vision. It was birthed in the hearts of Chinese believers in the early 1900s. One of the first groups to catch the vision was the Back to Jerusalem Evangelistic Band. Sister Grace He, one of its original members, passed away in January 2014. Here is a shortened version of her personal

DAY 24: Brother Yun

“One day God spoke to my heart and told me to travel to Greece to plant a church there. I don’t speak English or Greek, so it would be difficult to travel there by myself. I had every reason not to go, but God had put the country on my heart and I knew better than to refuse His calling.

DAY 23: Brother Joshua

Joshua is one of the main “uncles” in an underground House church network that does not have a name. This network is made up of five main leaders who share the authority over a group of several million believers. “Many people learn about Back to Jerusalem but are not really sure how they fit into the vision,” Joshua said to

DAY 22: Brother Jacob

Brother Jacob is an evangelist from Mongfu (Lixin) Church, also known as the Blessing Network. He is 23 years old today and had only been a Christian for less than two years before he was sent out as an evangelist. He had been serving in his area of ministry for less than 10 months when he gave the following report:

DAY 21: Pastor Zhang Rongliang

“On June 2, 1971, I was detained at a local jail while a small detachment of police were sent to my home to look for my Bible and any other religious writings. I knew that they would not find my Bible. I often gave it to others and we had a system of shuffling it around from one house to

DAY 20: Pastor Enguan

Lixin Church, originally named after Lixin County, is also known as “Blessing Network” or “Mongfu” in Chinese. Enguan, one of the founders, was saved in 1978 at the age of 16 and what happened next was one of the most unusual church growth stories to ever come out of China. At the age of fourteen, Enguan’s father became ill and

DAY 19: Pastor “Little Joe”

Pastor Joe is another House church network leader in China and is currently leading a network that was founded by his father. Little Joe works with very few foreigners; in fact, he may not work with any foreigners outside those partnered with Back to Jerusalem. Little Joe first started preaching in the 1990s and began to take over the leadership

DAY 18: China’s Songbird Xiao Min

Walk into any underground church service in China and you will, without a doubt, hear the songs of Xiao Min. Xiao Min has written more than one thousand traditional Chinese worship songs, known as the Canaan Hymns. Xiao Min was still a young peasant girl when the Holy Spirit began to place worship music into her soul. She dropped out

DAY 17: The Bible Man

The Bible Man’s testimony, like many of the other testimonies in this devotional, is a precious piece of the history of the Chinese House church. The Bible Man’s real name was Mai Fu Ren. He passed away in 2010, but will never be forgotten by the Chinese church. Mai Fu Ren grew up in Southern China in a place called

DAY 16: Missionary Silas

Since the beginning of the Back to Jerusalem vision in the early 1900s, Chinese believers have been focused on taking the gospel into the Himalayan mountain regions. To see that vision become reality, the underground home churches in China have been sending evangelists into Tibet; a place traditionally known to be one of the most challenging places to work in

DAY 15: Pastor Mary

The month of May 2008 proved to be a devastating time for China as the world watched the provinces of Gansu and Sichuan violently shaken to their very foundations. More than 70,000 people lost their lives and more than 5 million people found themselves homeless without shelter or necessities for survival. With the enormity of the disaster, China’s leaders called

DAY 14: Brother “Z”

Brother “Z” is a Back to Jerusalem missionary who God called to minister in the Muslim world. A few years ago, Brother “Z”, his wife, and his small daughter moved to Egypt to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Brother “Z” didn’t know much of the language, didn’t understand the culture, and was not educated enough to obtain a well-paying

DAY 13: Pastor Zhang Rongliang

“In 1963, after my father died, my mother remarried and we moved to another town called Guaihe to live with my new stepfather. It was a change for all of us. There were people throughout the village of Guaihe who kept sheep. Soon after we arrived there, people of the town chose me as one of the people to tend

DAY 12: Brother Yun

“After I had started preaching on the streets of China, many people started to come to the Lord. There was an explosion, but it wasn’t because I was preaching to them. The new believers were going to their neighbors and family members and preaching the Good News to them. There was a ripple effect and the officials soon realized that

DAY 11: Brother “O”

“When I was 25 years old, I was called into full-time service to be God’s servant. I had watched the amazing work of other evangelists in my hometown. I hoped to know Jesus more and I really wanted to serve Jesus like those evangelists did. Shortly after jumping into full-time ministry, I began to serve by working in a fellowship

DAY 10: Missionary Jason

The countries between China and Jerusalem are known in the missions world as the 10/40 Window. Two-thirds of the world’s population lives in this window and nine out of every ten people who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ also live in this area. Sadly, even though the majority of the people in the world and virtually all

DAY 9: A Chinese Believer

BTJ often receives letters of appreciation for the Bibles we distribute every year. Bibles are still the number one need of the church in China today. After years of seeing a dramatic increase in the number of Christians inside of China, it has become clear that the number of Bibles and Christian teaching materials available in China is not even

DAY 8: Pastor Zhang Rongliang

“My Grandfather Sun opened up the Bible to Isaiah chapter 53 and began reading verses 2 through 6 to me. Instead of reading what it said, he replaced some of the words with my name to read like this: “He had no beauty that Zhang Rongliang should desire Him. A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; and Zhang Rongliang

DAY 7: Pastor Chen

Truth Network is a House church network more shrouded in mystery than any other network in China. Very little information is available about its history, founder, leadership, or activities. BTJ’s book, The Underground Church, may have been the first time that this network was ever written about. If the Truth Network were an individual, she would be tagged as the

DAY 6: Sister H

One story that had never been told publicly before was written about in the BTJ book, The Underground Church. It is the story of one of the most effective training centers in all of China during the early 1990s. As the House church in China grew, so too did the need for competent leaders. However, many Chinese Christians didn’t even own

DAY 5: Pastor Chen

Pastor Chen is the current representative for Tanghe underground House church network, which today holds several million members. “I became a believer in the winter of 1989, during a time when miracles were frequent in Tanghe. I was almost immediately enrolled into the underground Tanghe Bible School. This was not a legal, official Bible school, but it was all that

DAY 4: Pastor Shen Xiaoming

One of the most well-known churches in China’s underground house church is China Gospel Fellowship (CGF). Of the five large underground House church networks, this is likely the most renowned. As one of the early founders of the CGF network, Pastor Shen Xiaoming’s personal account of growing up under Chairman Mao, witnessing massive revival in Henan Province, and seeing the

DAY 3: Esther

The most conservative estimates say there are more than 40,000 Christians in North Korean concentration camps, but the number is thought to be as high as 90,000. North Korea is continually ranked as the most oppressive country in the world for Christians; Christians are not just killed, but are sent to death camps, forced to watch the murders of their

DAY 2: Zhang Rongliang

It is impossible to understand the world’s largest revival without looking into the history of the underground House church of China. It is equally impossible to tell the story of the underground House church of China without telling the story of Pastor Zhang Rongliang. Pastor Zhang has been one of the most central (and sometimes most controversial) figures in all

DAY 1: Brother Yun

During these the final days, persecution against the church is promised to increase.  What should we do and how can we survive the persecution?  Few people know the answer to this more than the Chinese underground house church and today Brother Yun shares from his own experience with persecution. Brother Yun is an exiled underground house church leader and evangelist.