Hackers Conference 2020

Although advanced technology has been primarily used to enhance the quality of life, many nations and anti-Christian corporations have been weaponizing it to persecute Christians, restrict their views, and to force-feed their anti-Christian ideology.

Facebook, YouTube, Apple, and Google have already implemented policies that block Christian ministries from direct access to each other and prevent certain content, either by blocking or through a new strategy known as ‘shadow banning.’

To adapt to this ever-changing environment, and to get the Gospel into the hands of people in hostile nations, BTJ has created electronic tools that can by-pass the restrictions put in place by governments or large companies.

We are also developing new tools for the mission field, but the tools that we have developed thus far are only the beginning!

There are somany more problems to cause in unreached nations!

That is why we are putting out a call to hackers world-wide.

Are you a computer programmer, video game designer, code writer, web site or application developer?

If so, then we need your help.

Consider joining us in a closed-door meeting in the mountains of Tennessee at the end of January, 2020.

Please send an email to belinda.btjtravel@gmail.comfor more information.

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