Were Going Back to Iraq

No experience is required

Have you ever just wanted to be a blessing to others?

Have you ever heard God tell you to get on a plane to a particular part of the world?

Have you ever wondered what it’s liketo step out of your comfort zone and travel?

We have some answers for you.

Come! Find out for yourself!

Join us on a short adventure as we take another trip to northern Iraq. This opportunity is available to all ages.

On this trip, we will be traveling the countryside into the small villages and supplying food for the hungry, visiting our safe house, and many more side adventures that can occur on such a journey. If you have a heart for Iraq and the Yazidi people, this trip is a wonderful opportunity to get your feet wet on the mission field. Our vision casting tours are designed to help open your eyes to the mission field, to help us step out of our comfort zones, and to serve. This is the opportunity for you to come be a blessing to others!

For more information on how to sign up to serve in the field during this trip, please contact Belinda at Belinda.btjtravel@gmail.com

Recommended reading for this adventure will be “Genocide in the Desert” by Eugene Bach and Dr. Paul Kingery

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Dates: January 2020

Location: Iraq

Cost: TBD by Aug 1

Goal: To be a blessing, pass out food among surrounding villages, and worship and pray together with locals

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