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Does the Bible contain hate speech? You might think so if you look at the latest speech control measures of Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

These free social media services used to be great ways to connect with our friends and deliver messages about ideas and concepts.

Those days seem to be long-gone.

Today, these massive giants are selling your information, controlling your content, and blocking your views. In addition to that, they are blocked in most of the unreached nations where the Gospel has yet to be preached.

That is why BTJ is launching to connect believers around the world.

In contrast to other social media sights we promise FREEDOM.

Smell the Freedom of Social Media

Our motto

Our motto is simple – live and let live. Speak your mind and mind your own business. Everyone deserves the right to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of thought.


Our stance on privacy is what we were taught in kindergarten – if it isn’t yours, don’t touch it. We do not collect, share, or sell your private information. Ever. It is yours to keep, not ours to sell.


Live free or die trying. Netizens have the right to express their views without fear of being blocked or shadow banned. Netizens also have the right to be forgotten if they wish to delete their account.

Our Story

We are a small group of misfits that have grown tired of large social media companies dictating our content, tracking our activities, and selling our personal information. We feel that information is being weaponized and social media is no longer as fun as it used to be. Social media has turned hostile towards their users. In World War II, militaries turned to Morse Code to communicate in hostile territories. Morse Code is a system of dots and dashes. This was the inspiration for – a new kind of social media that can help you enjoy the social media experience while communicating around the shark infested waters of Facebook, WeChat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

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