Great News from Inside of China!

Life as we once knew it came to an abrupt halt across the globe in 2020. The covid pandemic and subsequent travel restrictions have affected us all, but they’ve dealt a particularly tough blow to China and ministries working there. In fact, many ministries and NGOs have completely stopped their operations in China, and there have been reports of the underground house church suffering a greater degree of persecution over the last 16 months than they’ve seen since the turn of the millennium.

Verifying this information is difficult because security concerns prevent believers from sharing pictures and testimonies over the internet. However, we were amazingly blessed last month to be able to meet with some of our Chinese partners and hear firsthand what has been happening throughout the almost-inaccessible nation.

What they told us is astounding, given China’s political situation.

Our partners joyfully shared that ministry has NOT stopped, and in fact, the church has grown in some areas and is in need of workers. In one Muslim area, workers we support grew from 2 in 2019 to 30 in the early months of 2021! In another area, the evangelists we support have a very special relationship with the government that allows them to share the Gospel in very unlikely venues of society. The workers told us they have been more engaged with sharing the Gospel message with the community than ever before. We are rejoicing with our brothers and sisters that so many amazing things are happening in the face of worldwide restrictions. There is no way to restrict the Gospel!

We are seeing so many people come to Christ. I have been calling the church leaders and begging them for more workers,” said one pastor. “Many evangelists are being sent with no support, so we are making everything stretch in order to cover the needs as much as possible.”

These stories may seem like they come from a world away, but they are actually great opportunities for you to get involved! Please continue to pray for the brothers and sisters in China who are on the front lines laboring amidst great personal danger and persecution, to see their nation saved. If you would like to get more involved through prayer, giving, or attending a BTJ event, contact us at

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