Elon Musk Thinks I Should Delete My WhatsApp Account. I Am Listening And This Is What I am Using Instead

WhatsApp is a messaging app that masquerades as a privacy-focused app, but customers are quickly learning that they are not. In a message sent to users on Wednesday, WhatsApp announced they will force users to share personal data with Facebook, its parent company. Facebook is looking to collect user data like phone numbers, contact names, messages, locations, photos, and more.

If WhatsApp users fail to agree by February 8, they will lose access to their account.

Elon Musk responded in a Tweet with only two words, “Use Signal.”

Several users around the world are following the advice of Elon Musk and deleting their WhatsApp account. BTJ has been using WhatsApp for several years, but starting this month, our ministry will take Elon’s advice and move over to Signal.

We will also be using Telegram.

For the time being, both Signal and Telegram have end-to-end encryption services.

It is also possible to send private messages to friends and group members using DingDash. Learn more about DingDash by clicking here.

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