DOORS OPEN! Support Needed for Bibles in China

While the rest of the world has been concentrating on the coronavirus, China has been making aggressive moves to remove the Bible from China once and for all. This has contributed to a Bible crisis in China.

During a recent face-to-face meeting with Chinese House Church leaders this year, the discussion of Bibles in China took center stage. Unfortunately, the Bible crisis in China has been exacerbated by the persecution campaign launched in 2018. The government has continued to openly attack the church and destroy Bibles since that time.

In the past few years, we have seen more of a need for Bibles in China than there has been in recent memory, but – there is good news!

Good News For Bibles

The good news for the Good News is that we are able to print and distribute more Bibles this year than last year.

“In cities, the bibles are in good supply,” reported one pastor during our meeting, “but when meeting together in some of the more remote places, Bibles are not in good supply.”

When asked if the church can handle Bible printing and distribution during the coronavirus, he replied, “absolutely!”

According to the pastor, we are able to print and distribute several thousand Bibles at one time and at least 50,000 throughout the year, for this year. The Bible printing and distribution has started, and Bibles are currently being sent to believers throughout China.

Each one of these believers need prayer and protection.

The price for one Bible to be printed and distributed is roughly $3 USD.  A total of $150k is needed to meet the immediate demand.  EVERY BIBLE COUNTS.  Even if you are able to support only 1 Bible, it will be a HUGE blessing for a persecuted believer in China.

For every $3 you donate, BTJ pastors will be able to give a much-needed Bible to a believer. You can give today by clicking and following the link below.


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