DAY SEVEN: Gulags (30 Days of Prayer for North Korea)

There is a place on earth that might be as close to hell as any human being will ever find. Auschwitz survivor, Thomas Buergenthal, described North Korea’s gulags “as terrible or even worse” than the Nazi prison camps he experienced during WWII. 

The nightmares that take place in North Korean gulags are hard to imagine for the human mind. North Korean defectors have reported to have witnessed new born babies being fed to guard dogs, execution of starving prisoners caught digging up grass to eat, constant brutal rape of female inmates of all ages, forced abortions through injecting motor oil, and endless beatings. Many of the inmates do not even know what they are being accused of. Once a prisoner is sent to a gulag, they are never heard from again. 

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Day 7: Gulags



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