DAY EIGHT: Learning to Hate (30 Days of Prayer for North Korea)

The darkness of Satan has swept through North Korea. Even the basic instincts of love, that were stamped into our DNA by God when He made man in His image, are being pushed away. 

The eradication of love can be seen through the eyes of a young boy named Shin Dong Hyok. He was born and raised in the hell of a North Korean gulag. He was 14 years old, but because of malnutrition he looked only 10. On a cold day, in the dead of winter, Shin Dong Hyok was forced by the guards to walk to the main yard and sit on the front row next to his shamed father. His father was trying to hold back tears. The mood was dark. He thought that he was being brought out to the main grounds by the guards to be put to death, but what he was about to experience was much worse than death. 

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Day 8: Learn to Hate



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