Christian Bookstore Celebrates Christian Freedom for 4th of July

A family owned Christian bookstore, Born Again Bookstore, in downtown Idaho Falls, Idaho, is celebrating July 4th by sharing the vision of Back To Jerusalem with their local community.

As we are gearing up to celebrate in America on July 4th, Melissa Anderson, owner of the Born Again Bookstore, wanted to acknowledge the gratitude she feels for the freedom we are blessed to have in the USA, but also wanted to remember and display the stories of the many Christians around the world who do not experience such freedom.

Right as you walk in to the Born Again Bookstore, customers will find patriotic items for the upcoming holiday which say phrases like “God Bless America.” On the same display, they will find BTJ books, bookmarks, children’s books, FuFu bears and biographies about the persecuted church.

Melissa has a heart for seeing the Gospel go out and is excited to share about the BTJ ministry. She and her husband Tony have been laying out BTJ fliers and pamphlets at tables where customers can relax and read. They are now carrying all of the BTJ titles. Many consider Melissa and Tony local missionaries in the city of Idaho Falls, where only a small percentage of the community consider themselves Evangelical Christians. They are using their business presence in Idaho Falls to not only share the Gospel locally, but also to promote the vision of Back to Jerusalem, mobilize prayer, and bring awareness to what is happening around the world in persecuted countries.

Melissa wrote this on their Facebook page:

We have made it to July! We are quickly approaching Independence Day where I know we will all be celebrating the founding of our great nation. This year it means so much more to me and our family than it has in the past.

And as we celebrate our God given freedom and the ability to worship our Creator let us not forget those who are persecuted everyday for their faith, something I know I have taken for granted.

For the month of July we would like to spotlight a really amazing ministry and introduce you to many resources they have and the amazing stories about persecuted Believers. We will spotlight a couple of stories each week and share information about Back to Jerusalem.

If you would like to read their full stories you can pick up copies of their books at the store. 80% of each book sale will always go back to the Back to Jerusalem ministry.

Also, at the end of July, the bookstore is planning to spotlight Sister Esther’s story on their social media. In October, Esther Chang, a missionary in North Korea, will be coming to America for the very first time to share her testimony of being in prison in both North Korea and China. She will be sharing her story in Idaho Falls in October and people can buy her book from the Born Again Bookstore.

You can follow the Born Again Book Store on Facebook by clicking here.

This article was written by BTJ Ambassador and design extraordinaire Stephanie Crocket





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