Chinese Group Waving Communist Flags Demand UK YouTuber to Remove Video With Their Faces – What He Did Next Has Gone Viral!

The freedoms enjoyed in traditional Christian countries came under attack last month, when Chinese tourists clashed with a British YouTuber.

A British pianist was filming himself in a public venue playing a piano donated by musician, Elton John, when a group of Chinese demanded he delete any footage with their faces. When the man refused to delete the footage, things got nasty.

He did an interview on Talk TV to talk about the video.


The confrontation erupted in London’s St Pancras railway station on January 19, when a group of Chinese asked YouTuber Brendan Kavanagh to stop filming a live-streaming performance in which his cameras caught them in the background.

The interaction was a textbook definition of what happens when Communist ideals clash with the freedoms enjoyed in traditional Christian nations.

The Chinese group kindly asked for Mr. Kavanagh to delete his footage and when he refused, they escalated the situation and demanded that he do so, stating he didn’t have the right to their image. China’s civil code states that each person holds the legal right to their image and likeness, which cannot be published online without their consent. Also, anyone filming in public needs to have permission to do so.

This is not the situation in traditional Christian countries like the UK, where citizens have the right to film in public.

“We are not in the Communist China, you know? We are in a free country.” Mr. Kavanaugh said, “The UK is a free country. We are in Britain, we are not in China. Are you in the Communist Party?”

One of the Chinese involved, Mengying Liu, shared on her social media that it was racist to call them Communist, (even though they were all carrying the red Communist flag of China).


It seems that China has removed the video from Chinese platform, Weibo, and have been trying to get it removed from YouTube as well.  In addition, Mengying is threatening to sue anyone sharing this video.

China has been proven to have a lot of influence over social media platforms which is one of the reasons why BTJ has taken steps to place access to our content on independent platforms that are far from the reach of the Communist Party and those they have influence over.

According to INSIDE CHINA WITH DAVID ZHANG, a Chinese operative with the CCP was with the group.  The operative has been identified by British intelligence as a Chinese agent, which could be the real reason why the piano player was approached.



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